Our team at the World University Debating Championships 2015.

We encourage and welcome everyone to join us at debating competitions in Scotland, the UK and Europe. We have information sessions once a semester and are looking to expand our team. You can be as committed as your schedule permits – from attending one as a little taster to being a regular at competitions each weekend. Our team is diverse and we are excited to get to know new debaters of any experience level!

To ensure continue the development of the competitive debating branch of our society, we have allocated funds for competitions we would hope to attend with a delegation of at least two debaters and a judge. The following debates are the ones we have highlighted as giving the greatest potential for experience, networking thus making them the most fruitful to the development of Aberdeen Debater and its members:

• Edinburgh Cup

• Strath Cup

• Bog wall

• Glasgow Ancients/ Womens • Scottish Mace • St. Andrews Open • Scottish ProAm

The Scottish Women’s competition final.

International competitions We hope to send a delegation of two debaters and one judge to both WUDC (Worlds) and EUDC (Euros) in the coming year. Due to the travel and high registration fees, we force this as being the greatest cost to the society, something which we hope to offset with sponsorship. In addition to travel to these competitions, we hope to send teams to acclaimed competitions within the UK such as either Oxbridge opens or Pro-Am. To develop the skills of new debaters, as a council, we will allocate funds to allow promising debaters to attend pro-am debates with experienced and willing partners to allow for the development of these debaters – which would hopefully be fed back into the society through input in training.

Preparation time in Istanbul 2015.

Our events We are in a very privileged position to be hosting an exciting roster of events in the coming year including: Aberdeen Open, Aberdeen Schools, Scottish Pro-Am, as well as our Earl Marischal Debate. We hope to make a profit on most of these events, however, we have allocated funds in the event that they do not and have also provided for any promotional materials, expenses that may go with holding these events.

University of Aberdeen IV

Expenses Guidelines

Debater recieves money from the University to help make our events and attendence at competitions possible. This allows us to reimburse debaters to a certain extend of entry fees and travel costs incurred when attending competitions.

The GUU Ancients ball.

The custodians of this money are the Debater Council, with the treasuer being responsible for the administration of expenses claims. Contact us for more information.

The general rule is that no one should be excluded from attending competitions on the basis of lacking funds and we will try our best to accomodate everyone.

A typical debating room at competitions.

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