Training Sessions

We offer different training sessions to support our mission of promoting free speech across campus. The sessions are designed to help students master the art of argumentation and equip them with tools to share their opinions effectively and make their voices heard.

Introduction Training

Join us on Tuesday at 6.30 for a taster session – find out what’s up with competitions and see the first training debate of the year. Don’t worry – if you are new to debating we will put you on our judging panel. Here, you will see a competitive debate and will analyse is afterwards to find out more on the strategic side of debating. You can then help to give feedback to the volunteers who debated.

Join us on Thursday at 6pm for the first workshop. All sessions are designed to help with your argumentation and public speaking skills and focus on practice exercises instead of frontal teaching. This session we start with some techniques for creating arguments and practice those in smaller groups immediately, so you get as much practice public speaking time as possible. We will draw on a variety of contexts and topics to get you a feeling for what we are about.

Teamwork during debates / Matteo coaching.

Public Speaking

We were cooperating with the European Student Energy Summit and did public speaking training with some of the attendees.

On Thursdays at 6pm we invite everyone to our public speaking and general argumentation sessions. These are designed to build up public speaking and presentation skills and confidence. We also give sessions on argumentation – some of our previous headlines included: “how to win arguments” “how to tell the others they are wrong” and “how to stay calm in emotional arguments”.

We welcome everyone to attend the sessions – whether it is all of them or those you find the most interesting. All of the sessions are designed to help you in real life and university as well as in your debating skills.

1&2 Introduction to debating & How to come up with arguments
3 How to structure arguments
4 How to give speeches and presentations
5 How to tell others they are wrong
6 Maiden speakers competition (in house)
7 How to argue about sensitive topics
8 How to talk / seem confident
9 How to win arguments, if you dont know nothing
10 How to use gestures and body language
11 How to use examples/facts/stats in arguments
12 How to stay calm in arguments
13 How to apply debating skills in your life
14 How to resolve arguments

We welcome everyone and you can come along to as many or as few sessions as you want.

Competitive Sessions

Introduction Competitive Training

While note taking can be extensive, we promise to make it fun.

On Tuesdays at 6.30pm we invite everyone to our competitive debating sessions. These include a mix of strategic training and practice debates. We chose different topics that are popular in the debating circuit and try out different arguments and techniques. Extensive feedback is given to foster improvement. We usually go to the pub after.

At competitions it can get fancy, in Aberdeen we mostly stick to pubs.

We welcome everyone and you can come along to as many or as few sessions as you want.