Weekly debates take place in the Old Senate Room, King’s College Campus, at 7PM every Thursday during term time. We invite everyone to attend our show debates.

Our next debate on the 27th of October is a debate about the Black Lives Matter movement in honour of Black History Month. The motion for the debate will be: “”This House Believes That the Black Lives Matter movement should call for a general strike of the African American community in the United States.”

The format:

  1. Introduction and announcements on training and competitions
  2. “Table Debate”: 8 speakers who have prepared the topic beforehand, each giving a 5 minute speech which includes rebuttal to the other speakers.
  3. “Floor Debate”: all audience members are invited to voice their opinion for a maximum of 3 minutes and thereby contribute to the debate (but no one is forced to do so).
  4. The Pub: we continue the discussion (or talk about other things) over a couple of pints.

See our Facebook group for the latest information.

The voting process at division.

List of previous debates:

  • 08.09.2016: EU Referendum debate
  • 15.09.2016:  Hook-up App debate
  • 22.09.2016: Jeremy Corbyn debate
  • 29.09.2016: Nuclear Energy debate
  • 06.10.2016: Tax Avoidance debate
  • 13.10.2016: Grammar Schools debate
  • 20.10.2016: NHS Privatisation debate
  • 27.10.2016: Black Lives Matter debate
  • 03.11.2016: US Election debate
  • 10.11.2016: Poppy debate
  • 17.11.2016: Religious Symbols debate
  • 24.11.2016: Universal Income debate
  • 19.01.2017: Obama’s Legacy debate
  • 26.01.2017: Purpose of University debate
  • 02.02.2017: UN Security Council debate
  • 09.02.2017: Gender Quotas debate
  • 16.02.2017: Scottish Independence debate
  • 23.03.2017: US UK Special Relationship debate
  • 02.03.2017: Political Violence debate
  • 09.03.2017: Political Correctness debate
  • 16.03.2017: LGBT Sports debate
Aberdeen University Debater
A weekly debate in the Old Senate Room


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